We deliver high-quality commercial cleaning services across the UK

CLEANSERV is a commercial cleaning company based in Warwickshire. We deliver professional, bespoke and reliable commercial cleaning services to businesses and organisations in both public and private sectors right across the UK.

What we do

We provide commercial cleaning and hygiene services to people who value a clean, safe environment at a tailored price. We have the power to make a lasting and measurable impact on your business. Our business cleaning services help you to increase productivity, reduce costs and sickness rates, and raise your standards.

At CLEANSERV, we have a fully-trained team who are experts in delivering a breadth of business cleaning services to a range of businesses and organisations, in both public and private sectors, across the UK.


  • Call centre cleaning
  • Healthcare cleaning
  • Manufacturing and factory cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Public sector cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Showroom & dealership cleaning

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We give you the power to thrive in your industry

At CLEANSERV, we're not just a cleaning company. We add value to your business by providing excellent commercial cleaning services. We help you to create the best first impression for prospective customers and allow you to grow your core business with happier, healthier teams by providing clean, safe environments for them to work in.

Provide excellent customer service

We provide consistent dedicated support team members to every client, this ensures that there is always a friendly familiar adviser on hand who understands your business

Looking after our Teams

We believe that if we train, motivate, care for and incentivise our teams, in turn they go above and beyond in caring for our clients

Innovate without impacting quality

Along with new technology we encourage our staff to think outside the box, a different perspective or fresh approach can improve quality and efficiency


We don't pretend to be something we're not. We're a professional commercial cleaning company that strives to deliver exceptional service and is fiercely loyal to its employees

Build long-term partnerships

We're committed to each other, we are accountable and take pride in our work. we view this as an important investment allowing us to anticipate your requirements, and offer innovative, cost effective, long term solutions to add value and improve service delivery


What we say is what we do. We're transparent about where we're going and how our people play a huge part in our success.